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Machado Associados assessora o grupo CCR em acordo estratégico com Alelo

Machado Associados assessorou o grupo CCR na negociação e formalização dos acordos operacionais para arrecadação automática de tarifas de pedágio celebrados com a Alelo. O Latin Lawyer cobriu a operação:

Machado Associados steers toll collection deal for CCR

Machado Associados steers toll collection deal for CCR

Machado Associados – Advogados e Consultores has helped toll road concessionaire CCR reach an agreement with credit card and payment services provider Alelo that will see it provide technology for electronic toll collection at some of Brazil’s main motorways.

Alelo took counsel from its in-house lawyers. The deal closed on 11 May and its value was not disclosed.

The agreement includes automatic toll collection services at CCR concession Nova Dutra, a 402-kilometre motorway connecting São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro used by around 876,000 vehicles daily. The deal also covers four other federal motorways (RodoNorte, MSVia, ViaLagos and ViaRio) and five motorways belonging to the state of São Paulo (AutoBan, ViaOeste, RodoAnel, SPVias and Renovias).

Alelo’s automatic payment technology allows the collection of tolls without vehicles needing to stop. Other automatic payment service providers including Sem Parar, ConectCar and Move Mais also have contracts to provide the service in other CCR-controlled roads. Machado Associados is regular counsel to CCR.

Counsel to CCR

In-house counsel – Renata Lacerda and Daniel Salomoni

Machado Associados – Advogados e Consultores

Partners Lisiane Menossi Pace and associate Caio Fink Fernandes

Counsel to Alelo

In-house counsel – Fernanda Maria Blumer Lavorenti


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