Our team is dedicated to assisting our clients in doing business. Our practice is based on the profound knowledge of the operations and markets of our clients to efficiently advise them in connection with all routine aspects of the corporate law.

We advise our national and foreign clients in the development of business in all economic sectors, with creativity and sensitivity to understand the culture and scenario where their needs are inserted. We implement sophisticated corporate structures adapted to the reality.

Our integrated, multidisciplinary work allows our clients to focus on their own business and expand their activities and investments, in conformity with the corporate law and focusing on safe relationships with investors, partners, shareholders and business partners.

Highlights of our work:

  • Consulting in corporate matters related to shareholders’ or partners’ rights, corporate governance, corporate conflicts, shareholders’, partners’ and management’s responsibilities, etc.
  • Establishment and organization of all kinds of companies, joint ventures, consortia, and structures for the conduction of business
  • Preparation and revision of all corporate documents necessary for the good operation of a company, such as articles of association and bylaws, minutes of meetings or shareholders’ meetings, minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors, Executive Board, Supervisory Board, shareholders’ agreements
  • Advisory and representation of clients in general shareholders’ meetings and general unitholders’ meetings
  • Preparation and revision of corporate governance rules
  • Corporate consulting to the third sector and preparation and revision of corporate documents on associations, foundations and third sector entities
  • Corporate consulting to family companies; preparation, revision and negotiation of corporate documents involving these companies, such as, for example, shareholders’ agreements and family agreements
  • Advisory in the planning and implementation of corporate reorganizations, such as mergers, merger of shares, transformations, drop down, capital decreases