Our team understands the importance of performing an outstanding and efficient work, personalized to our individual clients.

We provide consulting services in connection with all aspects related to the income tax, achieving consistent and safe results, appropriate to the needs of each client.

Highlights of our work:

  • Advice on individual taxation for Brazilian and foreign individuals (expatriates) resident in Brazil or abroad
  • Calculation of taxes on foreign income and capital gains
  • Preparation of income tax returns, including “Exit Returns” and “Final Estate Returns”
  • Preparation of Statements of Brazilian Capitals Abroad (DCBEs)
  • Preparation of Statements of Donations and Inheritances (ITCMD)
  • Tax equalization and hypothetical tax calculations for expatriates
  • Analysis of tax notifications and assessments and preparation of administrative and judicial defenses
  • Counselling on succession planning, including preparation of wills