We have an in-depth knowledge of the complex Brazilian tax laws and the business of our clients, which allows us to offer efficient, strategic and high-class services. We combine procedural and material knowledge to propose and implement efficient solutions.

We successfully advise our clients on disputes regarding tax matters, at both the administrative and judicial levels. We take all measures against tax assessment notices and prepare and follow up lawsuits to challenge tax collections or obtain the refund of taxes unduly paid. We develop innovative legal arguments, capable of reflecting the most appropriate application of the tax rules to our clients’ business.

Our expertise in litigation and tax law brings remarkable results to our clients in all courts. We have successfully sponsored and won some of the most important tax litigation cases in Brazil, with considerable legal and economic impacts in the country.

Our litigation team always work in close cooperation with our other areas of practice and our clients. We believe that managing tax litigation with creativity, speed and efficiency, from the first administrative level, is the best way to obtain a decision that fulfills our clients’ expectations.

In our opinion, Tax Litigation must be safe and economically attractive and positively transform our clients’ business.

Highlights of our work:

  • Administrative litigation
  • Judicial litigation
  • Monitoring of case law at administrative and judicial courts
  • Consulting for analysis and definition of procedural strategies
  • Due diligence for evaluation of tax litigation cases