Our team advises clients from all sectors in the safe structuring of their transactions, through the preparation, revision and negotiation of all types of contracts.

We have a comprehensive view of the systemic effects of contractual relationships and understand the importance of knowing the particularities of each client’s business. This allows us to identify points for attention and conduct negotiations focused on achieving the best results.

Our multidisciplinary organization allows anticipating possible risks and tax, labor, corporate and accounting effects that may arise from a contract.

We always shape our activities according to the needs of our clients, working together not only with the clients’ legal departments but also with other strategic areas, such as technical, financial, commercial, HR, and compliance.

Highlights of our work:

  • Preparation, analysis and/or negotiation of all types of contracts
  • Preparation, analysis and/or negotiation of bonds in general, such as surety, pledge, mortgage, conditional sale
  • Consulting in the interpretation of contracts and revision of foreign contracts in light of the Brazilian laws
  • Advisory before and after the execution of contracts aiming at their proper compliance over time
  • Preparation of special contents and managerial materials to interpret and manage contracts