We offer a complete service portfolio to our foreign clients that wish to invest in Brazil, either in the form of financial investments or structuring business in Brazil. We assess the specific characteristics of the client, the activity intended, and the market.

We operate on an integrated and multidisciplinary manner, involving experienced professionals to advise the client during all business stages, from investment structuring in Brazil to its implementation, growth and potential liquidation.

Highlights of our work:

  • Advisory in the establishment of companies, preparation and revision of corporate documents, preparation, revision and negotiation of contracts, obtaining of registrations, enrollments and permits
  • Advisory in the corporate, contractual and regulatory day-to-day activities
  • Advisory in obtaining enrollments and performance of obligations of foreigners holding rights and assets in Brazil
  • Advisory in a potential liquidation of the investment and repatriation
  • Preparation, revision and negotiation of foreign credit contracts, such as loans, financing, export prepayments, leases, technology transfer
  • Advisory in the registration of foreign investments with the Central Bank
  • Advisory in the conversion of credits into capital
  • Advisory in matters involving international financial transfers, such as capital inflow and return, remittance of dividends and interest on capital, reinvestment, foreign investment repatriation, loans, financing, leases, services, royalties, etc.
  • Advisory in matters related to the interpretation of regulatory acts of the Central Bank with respect to foreign exchange and foreign capital
  • Advisory in the analysis and representation of clients in administrative proceedings before the Central Bank of Brazil and the Council of Appeals of the National Financial System with respect to foreign exchange and foreign capital