In a quickly, constantly changing economic environment, companies that adapt easily to the tax challenges have a considerable competitive edge.

Since our establishment in 1990, we are recognized by our clients, peers and the most renowned rankings and international publications as one of the leading firms in the tax area.

As specialists, we integrate tax laws to the business of our clients. We identify the problems and present the best solutions.

Our team provides services with a high level of specialization in all tax law segments, such as direct taxes, indirect taxes, tax litigation, international taxation, transfer pricing, and customs taxes.

Several members of our team are, in addition to lawyers, accountants, business administrators and economists, and have experience in renowned international audit and consulting companies. Such a hybrid profile gives us a unique ability to handle complex corporate matters, combining technical knowledge and practical experience in the legal, financial and accounting areas.

Our profound, comprehensive viewpoint of the clients’ business is one of our main differentials. We have knowledge of the corporate environment, understand how companies operate and which are their operating and business strengths and weaknesses. We carefully analyze and monitor each matter because we believe that this is the way to overcome the highest expectations of our clients.

We offer to our clients – from segments ranging from infrastructure to digital economics –  high-quality, sophisticated tax consulting by experienced professionals with a multidisciplinary profile.

Highlights of our work:

  • Tax consulting related to all Federal, State and Municipal taxes
  • Assessment of tax and accounting impacts of transactions
  • Advisory for the compliance with accessory obligations
  • Tax consulting in M&A
  • Consulting in international taxation
  • Consulting in transfer pricing
  • Consulting in customs taxes
  • Advisory in federal, state and municipal inspections
  • Consulting in individuals’ taxation
  • Tax review to identify risks, contingencies and opportunities (credits)
  • Negotiation of agreements related to tax benefits
  • Business structuring
  • Taxation of foreign investments in Brazil and Brazilian investments abroad