The development of business environments in the past years, coupled with the growth of the capital markets and the search for sustainable and ethical practices has been demanding much more transparency and compliance with the regulatory standards from companies in the most diverse economic sectors.

Many countries are establishing or redrafting their anti-corruption acts, enhancing their practices.

In this context, the implementation of modern corporate governance systems has been allowing corporations with the most varied structures and sizes to perform activities applying high levels of control and monitoring. This ensures a prolonged existence, more security for investors and greater enterprise value.

We advise our clients on the structuring of their compliance and corporate governance programs, taking into account the particularities of each organization, their fields of operation, and their business continuity.

Highlights of our work:

  • Advisory on the Brazilian anti-corruption laws and compliance matters
  • Preparation and review of compliance policies, codes of conduct, corporate governance policies, and internal guides
  • Advisory on the implementation of internal compliance programs, monitoring and review of risk assessments, and training of clients’ staff
  • Due diligence for evaluation of compliance programs
  • Due diligence of suppliers’ documents for evaluation of good standing

Preparation, review, and negotiation of contracts, documents, and clauses addressing compliance and conformity with anti-corruption acts