Employment relationships have been subject to intense transformations over the past years, from the establishment of the Internet to the rise of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence in the corporate world, which introduces new legal and regulatory challenges for the companies.

The globalization expanded the mobility of workers, and management of expatriates hired is another point for attention for companies.

The complex labor tax system in Brazil requires multidisciplinary knowledge of the labor, social security, contractual and tax laws so that companies can operate safely and efficiently.

We assist our foreign and domestic clients in the analysis, understanding, implementation and monitoring of actions related to employment relationships and the respective taxation, in all economic sectors.

Highlights of our work:

  • Advisory in all forms of hiring, management, compensation and dismissal of professionals; analysis of costs and risks of each modality
  • Preparation and review of contracts, policies, internal regulations, instruments, notices, written warnings, among other documents for personnel management
  • Advisory in the relationship with trade unions, from classification of professionals to the revision of collective bargaining agreements and/or conventions
  • Advisory in the hiring of foreign professionals, covering all labor, social security, and tax aspects involved in the transfer of professionals between countries
  • Compliance review and due diligence in the labor and labor tax areas
  • Judicial and administrative labor litigation, including individual and collection lawsuits, trade union claims, and multi-party actions