Union of law firms Machado Associados and CHBS Advogados

Machado Associados and CHBS – Cipullo, Harada, Bezerra e Santos are pleased to announce their merger to clients, peers and friends. Their joint operation as Machado Associados combines the efforts, knowledge and experience of their teams, advancing their performance in Business Law.

This union aims to benefit from the synergy of the two law firms, thus expanding their portfolio of services and offering their clients more complete and integrated solutions, with the support of an experienced team, committed to the highest quality work, also with the support of two international networks – LATAXNET,  which covers the Latin America, and WTS Global, with worldwide reach.

The firm now has a technical team of about 100 professionals, supported by a well prepared administrative staff of 40 collaborators, distributed among its offices in São Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro.

Machado Associados, made up of engaged, articulate and accessible professionals, has as its main goal to enable the business of clients, helping them to securely, quickly and efficiently achieve their best and most important results.

Machado Associados                                              Cipullo, Harada, Bezerra e Santos